What IF You Came Face to Face with a Loved One You Thought Was Dead?

What IF You Came Face to Face with a Loved One You Thought Was Dead?

What If You Came Face to Face with a Loved One You Thought Was Dead?

IN Casting Away: Adventures of a Dead Man, you’ll be forced to confront the side of you that knows the line that separates reality from the unexplainable can sometimes be impossible to perceive.

The mysterious death of their brother, Ray, dramatically alters the lives of two sisters living on different continents. A last minute vacation to Bora Bora finds them in the midst of a search for truth when they see, what they are certain is their long dead brother.

As they deal with their gut-wrenching emotions and try to unravel the mystery unfolding before their eyes, intriguing connections lead them to a parallel universe where what’s real and what isn’t forms a suspenseful vortex between the living and the dead.

What will happen when two sisters’ island adventure turns into a mysterious excursion into the deepest depths of the unknown?

“Heartfelt and redeeming. This is the law of attraction in action. Casting Away takes you on a great adventure that powerfully points you in the direction of living your dreams.”
~ Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason and featured teacher in The Secret

Mental Faculty of Reason

Mental Faculty of Reason

Mental Faculty of Reason

Mental Faculty of Reason our ability to choose our thoughts

Mental Faculty of Reason
We all have the ability to reason, but did you know it is also one of our higher mental faculties? Our ability to reason is usually controlled by habitual thinking. It is rooted, as they say, in “mental junk.” This higher mental faculty is one we’re not taught in school, the ability to “decide” what information we’re going to allow ourselves to accept as true.
Most of the time, we wander around in waves of information without discriminating. We just allow it into our minds without reasoning out whether the particular information will benefit us. Why would we allow ourselves to entertain information that harms us? It’s a great question. 

And because we haven’t been taught to actively use the faculty of reason, we fail to question the information coming at us.

We spend time debating, arguing, finding fault, whatever the case may be, because we don’t assert our ability to say no. As has been said, No is a complete sentence, but due to our upbringing, most of us can be found justifying or rationalizing why we do what we do. If we’d stop for a moment and decide in our minds which way we want to travel, we could cut out this endless form of mind junk. It’s apparent all over the internet, who said what, why they said it. Not that some things aren’t worth discussing, but endless amounts of “bickering” lead essentially to nothing and are a waste of our precious time.

The questions I’ve begun to ask on my journey to better thinking are:

– Do I need this information?
– Will this bring me closer to my goals in life?
– Does the person speaking have any authority on this matter?
– Does this information resonate with me?

We live by our convictions whether we realize it or not. Carefully examining why we take things at face value is the beginning of awakening. Asking do I believe this, puts us on a path to different performance. We become more critical as to what we allow in or left behind.

The news these days is full of information, some helpful, some not. It is up to us to decide what information benefits us in the face of this pandemic. Instead, numerous arguments spin out of control and there is nothing to be gained in the long run. I chose, early on, to keep it to a minimun, to be informed rather than inundated.

I love the following quote and aim to live by it more and more on my journey with life!

“Learn to keep the door shut! Keep out of your mind and out of your world, every element that seeks admittance wtih no definite helpful end in view.” ~ George Matthew Adams

You can purchase a copy of our book, Casting Away: Adventures of a Dead Man at Amazon.com. Our main character used his ability to reason to change his destiny! We can all do that!

Have a Breakthrough Week!

Have a Breakthrough Week!

The myth of closure and how we can heal without it!

Have a Breakthrough Week! We were researching John and Jane Doe deaths.We were trying to understand why someone would actually abandon the remains of a loved one. According to our findings, it’s a way of life. So while you desperately want to collect those remains, there are others who just walk away from them for various reasons.

“And for funeral homes in North America, uncollected ashes are a fact of life. Estimates are that there are more than 2 million urns in funeral homes across North America, waiting to be collected. Some have been forgotten as an institutional problem. One of the reasons people leave the cremated remains of their loved ones at a funeral home is that they simply cannot decide what to do with the ashes. They are unaware of the many options available to them these days.”

What Happened During the Pandemic

During these unprecedented times around the world, our focus turned to the sad reality that funerals, wakes and the like are not happening right now. That is because of social distancing concerns. Our hearts feels the strain of that impossibility. It is hard to have a loved one die without that sort of ritual, and no matter what the religion. Honoring the death of a loved one seems to carry some sort of solemn ritual.

That leads us to our own experience which has nothing to do with the coronavirus pandemic. The fact that my brother’s wife never went to identify or claim his remains is an occasional thought to this day. We can only guess at what she was thinking. Maybe she was too depressed. Perhaps she no longer loved him. Or it’s possible that her mental illness got in her way. There are any number of possibilities. As it was, collecting his remains should have fallen to family members legally, but the fact was, it didn’t.

Having to “fight” for a family member’s remains is an incredibly strange thing to have to do. We had to hire a lawyer and it wasn’t easy even then. The director of unnamed funeral home, who had those ashes after the coroner’s office released them, refused to respond to our requests time and again. Nine months later, he finally agreed to “let” us have the ashes. By that time, the question remains – do they really belong to him? How do you know there wasn’t some sort of mixup?

Have a Breakthrough Week!

Make a decision that you’re going to break out from your habitual behavior and do something you’ve never done. That was one of the reasons that prompted us to write a book about the events surrounding a very strange death. And the fact that we made the re-visions that we did was a tremendously freeing experience. I’m sure there are others who’ve suffered a similar set of events and would love to hear the experiences you encountered. Perhaps you have a book in you too!

During this global pandemic, we thought about the lack of familiar rituals, which tend to bond us with friends and family. We wonder how the deprivation of that right now has affected people worldwide and pray that they have found ways to grieve and heal…

Feel free to share or comment. And of course…


My friend and mentor Peggy McColl has created the perfect opportunity for you where over the course of only 26 days from start to finish, you’re going to write a book — no “if’s”, “and’s” or “but’s” about it. It’s Called THE AUTHOR MARATHON

The book writing process can be therapeutic. It can help you work through past experiences as you share them inside your book with the intention of telling your story for the benefit of others. You quite literally can transform into a new person as you write.

Have a Breakthrough Week!

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Discover HOW to be the hero in your own life TODAY!

Discover HOW to be the hero in your own life TODAY!

Be the hero in your own life!

Discover HOW to be the hero in your own life TODAY! Have you ever found yourself wondering why you’re doing what you’re doing? Day after day, living with feelings of deep dissatisfaction? Turning this way and that without answers? Knowing that you’re better than what often feels like a mediocre existence? Worth more? You’re not alone!

Remember “That which you do not claim as true of yourself cannot be realized by you.” ~ Neville Goddard

What would your life look like if you were doing what you love?
If you were no longer overweight?
If you honored the dreams you’ve held in your heart instead of putting them on the back burner?

Discover how to be the hero in your own life - casting away: adventures of a dead man is a best seller on amazon and will point you in the direction to live your dreams.Casting Away: Adventures of a Dead Man explores these questions and more. It will help you uncover key areas in your life that hold you back such as doubt, fear, or even low self-image.

Wouldn’t you love to move forward to:

  • embrace your innermost dreams
  • discover tools to keep you on track
  • truly invest in yourself
  • find out the real Secret to happiness
  • explore a marvelous built-in tool called imagination

#1 NY Times Best Selling Author, Marci Shimoff, who you might recognize from the hit movie, The Secret, had this to say – ““Heartfelt and redeeming. This is the law of attraction in action. Casting Away takes you on a great adventure that powerfully points you in the direction of living your dreams.”

Another reader posted “I loved your book. I was rooting for Ray the whole time.”

Discover HOW to be the hero in your own life TODAY! Today is the only day to change your life! The road to “someday” leads to a town called NEVER! Don’t let that happen to you!

Casting Away: Adventures of a Dead Man will compel you to seek your own journey full of enchanting mysteries so buckle up and get ready for a story of a lifetime!



Want to Write a Book of Your Own?

One of the programs we took to write our book was Masters Manifesting with Peggy McColl and Phil Goldfine.




Writing Your Book

Writing Your Book

Writing Your Book

writing your book - casting away: adventures of a dead man is a best seller on amazon.Writing a book is not as daunting as it seems at the start. In fact, Tim and I wrote our book in just under 45 days. Part of the reason is that we didn’t know that couldn’t be done and so in this case, as they say, ignorance was bliss! You can get your copy here: Casting Away: Adventures of a Dead Man.

For some people, the idea of writing a book in a short amount of time tends to start their mind going, “That’s impossible.” When it’s not. There are some great resources out there to help you not only start, but get it done! Some of these programs actually delve into the marketing part as well. It has been said that writing a book is 5% done, while marketing, the other 95% is never really done. Great promotion and marketing can give you lasting passive income that lasts for years, if not a lifetime.

Our biggest “go to” when it comes to getting it done is Peggy McColl. If you haven’t heard of her, she offers many excellent programs for writers, from newcomers to published authors. Right now, we’re involved in The Complete Author, a program that shows you not only how to write a book, but how to promote it.

What it Can Provide for You!

“In the area of your life’s purpose and meaning, writing a book can provide you with an irreplaceable sense of freedom – knowing that your thoughts and ideas are being shared with others, no longer “stuck” inside of you – rather, out there in the world making a difference.”

Right now, Peggy is running what she calls An Author Marathon – 26 days to write your book from start to finish. Think of it as the 26 miles you would need to run to complete a marathon. It would be an excellent choice for anyone who’s put this off long enough. Because sometimes, enough is enough! To check out the program, follow the link below! You’ll be glad you did. Here’s to your bestselling book!

The Author Marathon

the author marathon with peggy mccoll, write your book in 26 days!

How Do I Start Writing My Book?

How Do I Start Writing My Book?

How Do I Start Writing My Book?

how do i start writing my book blog postHow do I start writing my book – a blog post dedicated to helping you pick up the pen and put it to paper, so to speak.

We wrote our book in late October, 2019 after hearing Peggy McColl speak at Paradigm Shift, hosted by Proctor Gallagher Institute. What she said was that she believes everyone has a book in them. I looked at my husband and said, “We know it’s true.” We had been talking about it for years, the mysterious death of my brother and how the twists and turns led to something that, in the end, was stranger than fiction. It was just time to write it. Maybe you feel the same way. Our advice is start! No matter where you are or what you think you know or don’t know, decide to start!

We began with a vision board, a visual tool that we hung on our wall and began cutting out photos of things pertinent to the story. Location was our first key element, and we chose Bora Bora. It just popped into my husband’s head and we went with it. Next, we chose our title and since our story included a deep sea fishing charter, we chose Casting Away. It was appropriate and as the journey continued, we realized that it also stood for casting away an old life, a set of beliefs that no longer served our main character. When we decided to have Ray fake his death, Adventures of a Dead Man was cemented. Taking creative action toward your goal means doing things that add to the process of getting it done.

We also chose to leave our house and write somewhere without the distractions of home. A cabin in our nearby town provided the perfect solution. If you feel the need for quiet and privacy, we highly recommend finding such a place.

How Do I Start Writing My Book – What if my Book Isn’t Good Enough?

I hear and read this question all the time. My question is – who would know what’s good enough? Write it! It’s your story, so trust it. You are your own best authority, even if you didn’t know that or believe it before. Just write it. You will grow into it as you do it. As the proverb says, “The work will teach you how to do it.” Trust in the process. Surround yourself with supportive people. Don’t listen to the naysayers. Sounds easy? It is, in fact, easy. Not that it doesn’t present challenges, but in the end, what we all need is people in our lives who see the best in us, even when we don’t see it in ourselves.

Expect it to come!

We all have creative voices in our minds that speak to us from time to time or even, all the time. The question is – do we actually follow them? Sometimes we do and sometimes we push them away as “impossible fantasies.” When that happens, we never write the book. Don’t allow yourself to push it away! Name it and claim it! It’s yours!

Our Book, Casting Away: Adventures of a Dead Man is available on Amazon.com.

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