Meet the Authors

Meet the Authors

Meet the Authors Renata Natale and T. Lawrence of the international best seller on Amazon Casting Away: Adventures of a Dead ManMeet the Authors: Renata and Tim were both born in New York State and have owned their own business for over a decade. Renata also works as a photographer. They both love the outdoors and the beauty of nature, especially being near water.

Meet the Authors and find out why they wrote the book they wrote!

The mysterious death of Renata’s brother inspired this husband and wife team to write a book of fiction based on true events surrounding that death. It is a story of love, resurrection and redemption with a happy ending! It took Renata and her sister over ten months to secure Ray’s remains. They had to hire a lawyer to get the rights to bury his ashes. Ray’s wife never came to identify him or claim his remains. When that happens, the rights fall to family members, however, that was not the case here. Casting Away: Adventures of a Dead Man became a number one best seller in adventurers and explorers on and it’s not wonder why. It also ranked high in deceptions and family investigations. If anyone has experienced a similar experience, we’d love to know.

are currently working on their second novel and totally enjoy the process of living through imagination! Their love of movies shines through the creative process and their writing evolves from their many story boards.

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A Tropical Paradise.

A Tropical Paradise.

“Two sisters.  A tropical paradise.
The trip of a lifetime. Or is it?

When Wren and Mary think they see their long dead brother Ray on the seas and sands of Bora Bora, they’re shocked. Is it really him? Did he fake his death? How? Watching him in his new life is both fascinating and frustrating.

As they see Ray living his dream, Wren and Mary search for the truth. When their net closes in, Wren calls into question every life choice she’s ever made.”

Two sisters. A tropical paradise. Where our book begins in Bora Bora…

We based our book on the true events surrounding the mysterious death of a family member. Because Ray was found with no identification and with two young children, also without identification, in a location that did not belong to him, his death was deemed a “suspicious” death. My brother’s body remained at the Coroner’s Office in New York City because his wife never came to identify his body. As a result, he was cremated after the specified amount of time according to NY State Law. His ashes were then shipped off to a funeral home and he remained there for over ten months because we were not “allowed” to claim a right to his ashes.

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two sisters. a tropical paradise. casting away: adventures of a dead man is a best seller on amazon.

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