What If You Came Face to Face with a Loved One You Thought Was Dead?

IN Casting Away: Adventures of a Dead Man, you’ll be forced to confront the side of you that knows the line that separates reality from the unexplainable can sometimes be impossible to perceive.

The mysterious death of their brother, Ray, dramatically alters the lives of two sisters living on different continents. A last minute vacation to Bora Bora finds them in the midst of a search for truth when they see, what they are certain is their long dead brother.

As they deal with their gut-wrenching emotions and try to unravel the mystery unfolding before their eyes, intriguing connections lead them to a parallel universe where what’s real and what isn’t forms a suspenseful vortex between the living and the dead.

What will happen when two sisters’ island adventure turns into a mysterious excursion into the deepest depths of the unknown?

“Heartfelt and redeeming. This is the law of attraction in action. Casting Away takes you on a great adventure that powerfully points you in the direction of living your dreams.”
~ Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason and featured teacher in The Secret