Mental Faculty of Reason

Mental Faculty of Reason our ability to choose our thoughts

Mental Faculty of Reason
We all have the ability to reason, but did you know it is also one of our higher mental faculties? Our ability to reason is usually controlled by habitual thinking. It is rooted, as they say, in “mental junk.” This higher mental faculty is one we’re not taught in school, the ability to “decide” what information we’re going to allow ourselves to accept as true.
Most of the time, we wander around in waves of information without discriminating. We just allow it into our minds without reasoning out whether the particular information will benefit us. Why would we allow ourselves to entertain information that harms us? It’s a great question. 

And because we haven’t been taught to actively use the faculty of reason, we fail to question the information coming at us.

We spend time debating, arguing, finding fault, whatever the case may be, because we don’t assert our ability to say no. As has been said, No is a complete sentence, but due to our upbringing, most of us can be found justifying or rationalizing why we do what we do. If we’d stop for a moment and decide in our minds which way we want to travel, we could cut out this endless form of mind junk. It’s apparent all over the internet, who said what, why they said it. Not that some things aren’t worth discussing, but endless amounts of “bickering” lead essentially to nothing and are a waste of our precious time.

The questions I’ve begun to ask on my journey to better thinking are:

– Do I need this information?
– Will this bring me closer to my goals in life?
– Does the person speaking have any authority on this matter?
– Does this information resonate with me?

We live by our convictions whether we realize it or not. Carefully examining why we take things at face value is the beginning of awakening. Asking do I believe this, puts us on a path to different performance. We become more critical as to what we allow in or left behind.

The news these days is full of information, some helpful, some not. It is up to us to decide what information benefits us in the face of this pandemic. Instead, numerous arguments spin out of control and there is nothing to be gained in the long run. I chose, early on, to keep it to a minimun, to be informed rather than inundated.

I love the following quote and aim to live by it more and more on my journey with life!

“Learn to keep the door shut! Keep out of your mind and out of your world, every element that seeks admittance wtih no definite helpful end in view.” ~ George Matthew Adams

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