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Intrigue and Suspense is what our book is all about!

The Intrigue begins – “Two sisters. A tropical paradise. The trip of a lifetime. Or is it?”

“When Wren and Mary think they see their long dead brother Ray on the seas and sands of Bora Bora, they’re shocked. Is it really him? Did he fake his death? How?

Watching him in his new life is both fascinating and frustrating. As they see Ray living his dream, Wren and Mary search for the truth. When their net closes in, Wren calls into question every life choice she’s ever made.”

Casting Away: Adventures of a Dead Man is a compelling read because it closely examines the inner journey one man makes after stumbling upon the Law of Attraction. Renata and Tim have always had a vision of turning our book into a motion picture.Because its message has worldwide appeal. We think a motion picture is the perfect fit. Also, our target audience ranges in age from late teens to infinity, and we’re sure you will be excited to see it in the theater. People love movies about intrigue and suspense too!

A Journey Full of More Intrigue and Suspense!

We recently signed up for Peggy McColl and Phil Goldfine’s brand new program, “Going to Hollywood.” We would love to see our book made into a film. They designed this program to teach authors how to approach the vast market of Hollywood movies. And we’re excited to be on this new journey. We know almost nothing about breaking into the film industry and the prospect of this dream becoming reality is intriguing in itself.

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An amazing story
“This fascinating story will suck you and you wouldn’t be able to put the book down until the end. A wonderful paradise vacation turned into a “high profile” investigation by family members. Easy to read and it will take you on a journey to reevaluate your life choices.”

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