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May 26, 2020
Renata Natale & T. Lawrence

Today, we’re going to talk about our journey to Hollywood! It’s a new and exciting adventure into the unknown. The best adventures always are…

We are currently enrolled in a program called, Getting Into Hollywood with Phil Goldfine and Peggy McColl. It’s covering the fundamental steps in making a film. From pre-production to the long haul. We will be learning all the various components involved. The reason we’re taking the course is because we want to see our book made into a motion picture.

Our next step is getting a screenplay written. We know just the team to do it, Hasmark Publishing International,. the same team that published our book because we feel confident that it will be the best work there is and looking forward to that new beginning.

The Writing Process

From the start, Tim and Renata had a movie in mind while writing their book and we often referred to the book as the “movie.” Our writing process began with a vision board, much like story boards are used in the creation of a film. We even picked actors to represent the characters in our book, and would refer to their image on our vision board as we went along. It helped to solidify the character’s integrity.

Imagination is such a vital part in the creative process and we would literally see our characters interacting with each other. Another tool we used frequently was Google Maps, driving the roads our characters were moving along, seeing what they were seeing and have to admit, it’s a pretty cool thing to do.

For Example

One of the adventures we set Ray on took him to Tulum, Quintana Roo in Mexico. To get grounded in that location, we drove the roads to see what existed, what the houses and shops looked like, the surrounding area. This was actually the end of the road on his particular journey to a perfumerie. It sits right across from a lagoon. The roads are rough to drive on and we included all of it in our story.

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Everything had to FEEL like the familiar to us and we had to know the place, even if only in mind. We had to see what our characters saw, smell what they smelled, felt what they felt. It is really a fascinating experience to make use of our five senses. Dialogue would flow from those sensations of see, hear, smell, taste, touch. It was almost like living in a parallel world while sitting in a chair with a computer in front of us.

It’s almost like creating an illusion. You clearly see the end result and then you begin the process back to the steps in getting there… We made ours a large illusion and because of that, the energy necessary to propel ourselves forward came upon us. We were connecting the dots.

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